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Business integration

The principal purpose of our business-integration is to combine all your business processes, to optimize your in-house communication, the teamwork of your staff and to make your business processes more efficient.

The almost unlimited range of application of smart devices makes all that possible.


Within our customizing we adapt our standard elements to your individual requests to optimize your business processes the best way possible.

These adaptations could e.g. include:

  • Country-specific settings like language, currency, tax rate or date format.
  • Report of your internal functional, data and organisational structure.

Thats how we do it

  • Workshops to determine and visualize your requests
  • Process approached screendesigns and recommendations for the following implementation
  • We always have an eye on the technical possibility of implementation
  • Our price-fixing proposals gives you planning reliability before implementation

We realize your mobile vision by combining engineering science, elegance, detailed knowledge with an overall view and quality with solutions that are worth its price.